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Marketplace Development

Marketplace is a kind of ecommerce website where the parties provide the product and stock information while the transactions are held by market place administrator. With the online marketplace you can have easy availability of free and open source development platforms to develop and become easy to choose from. It also increase the demand of people by online marketplace. Comtek offers turn-key online marketplace development sites, which allows many vendors to become members and sell on the site where you as the marketplace site owner will make a nice commission from each and every sale.

marketplace website designer in Orange County Ca

We’ve all seen the success of marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon and eBay. It’s amazing that sites like Etsy are generating product sales of up to $65 million in a single month. However, these physical product marketplaces must take thousands, if not millions, of dollars to setup and maintain, right? Well, that’s not necessarily the case, since using a few tools like WordPress, a hosting plan and our marketplace website development know how, we can create a physical marketplace website on the cheap. Contact us for more information and to receive a quick quote about getting your own marketplace website.

Various services provided by our marketplace development team are:

  • Planning and Development
  • Tenant Outreach & Leasing
  • Design & Construction Management
  • Retail Management
  • Marketing & Customer Service
  • Training and 24/7 customer support

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