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Mobile Website Design

Comte’s mobile website design services help you to reach your target audience who use smart phones to search for your business easily. We provide design for PC, mobile and Tablets. Mobile websites are  designed for user friendly experience. Having a mobile friendly website is great to reach your prospects who are on mobiles all the time. Based on Google’s research, over 70% of people use their cell phone to search for products and services they need. This means your site must be mobile friendly to accommodate this large customer base.

Having a mobile website for your business will help you to get more visitors and help you to get more clients on your website. Our developers are highly trained and skilled to design the most functional mobile site for you. When designing a mobile site, one should keep certain features  in mind.  Push to call, push to map and direction, clear color and fonts, are just a few to mention. If your current website is not responsive, also known as not being mobile friendly you are losing business to your competitors who happen to have a mobile site.  If when visiting your website on your mobile, you must pinch the screen to enlarge the font and images, that is a good indication that your site is not mobile friendly.

Watch what the experts say about importance of having a mobile friendly website:

Google penalizes those websites that are not mobile friendly by moving them to the bottom of their search results.  No business owner wants to lose his/her Google ranking. That is why Google has asked all website owners specially business website owners to convert their websites to a mobile friendly type of a site or as it is generally know, responsive website.

Through Mobile website optimization your site will open faster, it will show up at the top page of all search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and your customers will find your site easier and faster when searching for it. To test if your current website is responsive (mobile friendly) visit the following Google test page link:

Click Here to see if your site is mobile friendly or not.

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Comtek is a professional website designer that designs responsive websites.  If your current site looks good on a desktop or laptop PC but not so good on a mobile phone, we have a quick solution for that. For a one-time small fee of $295, we can design you a separate site just for mobile users. We won’t touch your current site at all and will only build you a smaller version of your current site so that it can be viewed on the small screen of any mobile phone easily.  Call us for more details.

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